General Exhibitor Information 

Entry Deadlines: 
Postmarked: July 28th 2021
Hand Delivered: 6 pm on July 30th, 2021
Submitted Online: Midnight on August 2nd, 2021

It is necessary that you view all of the important information listed below in order to enter correctly.

1)  Youth Non-Ownership/Lease Paperwork is due to the Cornell Cooperative Extension Office by June 15th by 4:30 pm.


This program is open ONLY to those who do not have access to animals of that species, e.g., a person who lives near a town or village and has no access to large animals, but might have a rabbit, can lease one dairy cow.  Youth may register two non-owned animals of a species type but can only show ONE of these animals per county and state fair.  However, a person whose family owns their own dairy cattle cannot lease a dairy animal of any breed or age for exhibition.  A Lessor/Owner cannot lease to a family member of the same farm operation.  The Lessee involved in a family farm cannot lease from another family member.


The Non-Ownership Program is administered through the Cornell Cooperative Extension office for Washington County Youth.  A completed Non-Ownership /Lease Form needs to be completed by the animal owner, the leasing youth, and the parent and signed by the 4-H educator.  The Non-Ownership Form is posted on the Cornell Cooperative Extension website.  They will also mail or fax copies to you.  You may contact them at (518) 746-2560 with questions and concerns and to receive the paperwork.



2) Ownership/Transfer of ownership date for all YOUTH livestock is JUNE 15th.

    All youth animals are to be in the Youth's Name, NOT the farm name.


 Ownership/Transfer of ownership date for all OPEN Class animals is JULY 15th.


3) The Washington County Fair requires that the RABIES VACCINE  be administered at least

    14 days prior to the opening day of the Fair ( August 23rd) and not more than 365 days prior to

     opening day of Fair. 

In other words, the Last Day to give animals a Rabies Vaccine is August 8, 2021.

Entry Drop Off & Pick Up
Entry Arrival
Entry Removal

Must be in place by 5 PM, Monday of Fair.

Must be removed by 6 PM, Monday after Fair.