General Exhibitor Information 

Entry Deadlines: 
Postmarked: July 22nd 2020
Hand Delivered: 7 pm on July 24th, 2020
Submitted Online: Midnight on July 27th, 2020
How Do I Enter?
It is necessary that you view all of the important information listed below in order to enter correctly.

You may enter competitions by clicking the "Enter Online" link starting June 15th. 

  • You will be directed to another web page "Fair Entry" where you will be instructed to create an account, once created you will need to authenticate the account information.

  • You will click on the "Begin Registration" button and proceed to follow instructions to finalize registration.

  • Click on the "Continue to Entries" button to find the classes that you wish to enter.

  • Once all classes have been selected (animal classes must complete the "add an animal" portion), please proceed to review entries.

  • Entry is not complete until you have gone through the checkout process, submitted payment and received confirmation of accepted entries

  • You will receive  TWO emails confirming a successful entry

    • Email 1-Confirms you are a registered exhibitor 

    • Email 2-Confirms acceptance or rejection of entries 



Contact the Fair Entry Office at or by phone at 518-692-2464.

Entry Information
Entry Drop Off & Pick Up
Entry Arrival

Must be in place by 5 PM, Monday of Fair.

Entry Removal

Must be removed by 6 PM, Monday after Fair.

All guests are encouraged to wash their hands after any contact with animals or their living area, as well as prior to eating or drinking.

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Washington County Fair, New York

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