Fair Camp

Bringing Agricultural and Fun to Inner City Youth

Many of our urban youth have no idea where their food comes from. Pre-conceived notions of farming and farmers can be dis-spelled with introduction and education.  Through the Washington County Fair Camp program, we link education and entertainment - learning is easier when you are having fun.


Participation in Washington County Fair Camp

Youth groups interested in participating in Fair Camp can expect a fun-filled, educational day.  Groups are paired with 'camp counselors' that will give children a behind the scenes tour and introduce various farm families and their animals. Camp kids will tour the fair exhibits and meet members of 4-H clubs and FFA.  There is no fee for this program - for the children or their chaperones.  Along with the program, campers and their chaperones will be able to enjoy the daily shows and entertainment that the fair provides.


We are able to accommodate a limited number of groups.  Groups must be not-for-profit and youth focused.    To learn more about Fair Camp and to schedule your group please contact the fair office at rebecca.washfair@gmail.com or call 518-692-2464.



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